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Fruit Lovers Delight

Posted by tpegonline on February 18, 2011

Pictured above is an art piece called Midnight Snack II, by Henry Battle.

“Fruit Lovers Delight”
By Tyrone Turner
Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

Not every day is a bowl of cherries.

However, with sugar plum thoughts of you dancing in my head I can never be sour grapes.

Oh my goodness, gorgeous. “Orange” you great! You’re a peach!

Your kisses are like sweet pineapple slices. Time spent away from you is as bitter as a lemon.

Vanilla ice cream, strawberries, bananas, hot fudge and whipped cream.

What a tasty treat you are!

Your succulent melons are firm to the touch. That mango is so juicy and I love it so much.

That passion fruit is fuzzy like a kiwi and glistens like a shiny apple.

Time of day doesn’t matter. Morning, noon, or night.

Anytime is the right time to enjoy a fruit lovers delight.


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What Could’ve Been

Posted by tpegonline on February 11, 2011

The above art piece is called “Sex Appeal”. It was created by Kevin A. Williams.

This poem is dedicated to that lady that got away. Fellas, you KNOW what I’m talking about.

NOTE: Please take note that song titles appear in italics and are linked to the corresponding music video on YouTube.

“What Could’ve Been”
By Tyrone Turner
Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

Timing is everything.

Like Maya wrote, I now know why the caged bird sings.

Back in the day we were a hot item.

We were like two peas in a pod – joined together like a leaf and a stem.

We were so young, so perhaps things did not compute.

Maybe we can go into the hot tub time machine and reboot?

Nah… Both of us would agree that it would probably not be a good idea.

If we changed one second of history our beautiful children would not be here.

My children bring me joy as do your kids.

You’re always showing people report cards, pictures, and home vids.

I was so sweet on you, baby. You probably didn’t comprehend.

Like Michael Jackson sang, Remember the Time.

Check out the Times Square Clock or Big Ben.

Our first date.

The good food we ate.

The show we saw.

How the weather was cold and raw.

The first time we did the do.

The heat between me and you.

That was then, but we’re here in the now.

Sexy mama, do you want to do an encore?

Step onto my stage and take a bow.

I’m single now and so are you.

Let’s get to know each other again and like Usher and Alica sang, maybe you can be My Boo.

We are both so much more now than we were then.

Staple Singers style, Let’s Do It Again.

Then again maybe we should just chill and not look back again.

Who knows what could’ve been?

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The Lady That Dances In My Dreams

Posted by tpegonline on February 2, 2011

“The Lady That Dances In My Dreams,” by Tyrone Turner, Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

NOTE: Song titles appear in italics and are linked to their corresponding YouTube videos.

I can’t breathe.

All the woman that you are has taken my breath away.

When I first laid eyes on you, I noticed how your voluptuous body had more curves than a winding mountain trail.

Your skin is a lovely pecan tan and your adventurous, alluring eyes are almond brown.


You got me talking about pecans and almonds because the vision of you drives me nuts!

Your voice is soft, sweet and everything you say is a sweet melody.


Your perfume is intoxicating and every time I walk passed you in the corridor I inhale deeply so I can savor the scent of your sweet perfume.

When you squeeze my hand or pinch my arm to say, “Hello” to me, I’m paralyzed by your touch.

You so excite me.

Honey, you appeal to my senses.

You look good, sound good, and smell good.

I oftentimes fantasize about how good you must feel and how good you must taste.

Your sugary kisses and the honey bun in your britches.

I would give you both R-n-B and Hip-Hop loving.

By R-n-B loving I mean that I would look into your Ebony Eyes and Love You Down – from head to toe.

You got that Whip Appeal so it would be A Night to Remember.

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little Bump-n-Grind, so I’ll take my time and Make It Last Forever.

With Hip-Hop loving, you’re All I Need because you’re an Around the Way Girl that can ask me 21 Questions because you’re Always On Time.

The line between being attracted to you and falling for you is Paper Thin because you got me Hypnotized.

I keep my thoughts a secret because you belong to another.

To covet is to sin so I pray that the MOST HIGH forgives me.

It is hard for me to play it off because your eyes betray you, sweetheart.

They sparkle with curiosity mixed with a pinch of mischief and a dash of lust.

Of course, I could be wrong about what I see in your eyes as I may be blinded because my desire for you is so very strong.

Things may not be as it seems.

One thing is for certain though.

YOU are the lady that dances in my dreams.

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