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The Lady That Dances In My Dreams

Posted by tpegonline on February 2, 2011

“The Lady That Dances In My Dreams,” by Tyrone Turner, Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

NOTE: Song titles appear in italics and are linked to their corresponding YouTube videos.

I can’t breathe.

All the woman that you are has taken my breath away.

When I first laid eyes on you, I noticed how your voluptuous body had more curves than a winding mountain trail.

Your skin is a lovely pecan tan and your adventurous, alluring eyes are almond brown.


You got me talking about pecans and almonds because the vision of you drives me nuts!

Your voice is soft, sweet and everything you say is a sweet melody.


Your perfume is intoxicating and every time I walk passed you in the corridor I inhale deeply so I can savor the scent of your sweet perfume.

When you squeeze my hand or pinch my arm to say, “Hello” to me, I’m paralyzed by your touch.

You so excite me.

Honey, you appeal to my senses.

You look good, sound good, and smell good.

I oftentimes fantasize about how good you must feel and how good you must taste.

Your sugary kisses and the honey bun in your britches.

I would give you both R-n-B and Hip-Hop loving.

By R-n-B loving I mean that I would look into your Ebony Eyes and Love You Down – from head to toe.

You got that Whip Appeal so it would be A Night to Remember.

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little Bump-n-Grind, so I’ll take my time and Make It Last Forever.

With Hip-Hop loving, you’re All I Need because you’re an Around the Way Girl that can ask me 21 Questions because you’re Always On Time.

The line between being attracted to you and falling for you is Paper Thin because you got me Hypnotized.

I keep my thoughts a secret because you belong to another.

To covet is to sin so I pray that the MOST HIGH forgives me.

It is hard for me to play it off because your eyes betray you, sweetheart.

They sparkle with curiosity mixed with a pinch of mischief and a dash of lust.

Of course, I could be wrong about what I see in your eyes as I may be blinded because my desire for you is so very strong.

Things may not be as it seems.

One thing is for certain though.

YOU are the lady that dances in my dreams.


3 Responses to “The Lady That Dances In My Dreams”

  1. Great poem Tyrone! You caught me by surprise with that Hip Hop and R&B loving part. Very creative man. Love the illustration as well.
    Keep up the good work 🙂


  2. Sexydredlocs said

    Do the damn thang there boi…..loving the vision and creativity. You make me want to pick up a pin again. And yes loving the pic of the healthy sistha……ain’t nothing wrong with a big Strong gal! Lol

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