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Mother. Sister. Friend.

Posted by tpegonline on May 13, 2012

This poem is a series of 11 haiku poems that are strung together in a series to tell a story. I call this style that I created a haiku chain poem. According to Dictionary.com, a haiku is a major form of Japanese verse, written in 17 syllables divided into 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, and employing highly evocative allusions and comparisons, often on the subject of nature or one of the seasons; or a poem written in this form.

This poem is dedicated to my sister, Toshia. She has been the best sister imaginable and is a dutiful mother to her children and daughter to her children. She is also a wonderful wife to my brother-in-law, Al.

I love you, Toshia!


“Mother. Sister. Friend.”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved

Happy Mothers Day!
You are a great mother, sis.
Your girls are so sweet.

I first became an
uncle when Danielle was born.
Ashley came later.

She was born close to
my birthday. What a present!
A chocolate doll.

They are smart children.
Ever inquisitive and
always into things.

They remind me of
you when you were a little
girl. True déjà vu.

You were such a cool
little sister. In fact, you
still are. You’re the best!

Being the older
brother, I have seen you grow
to adulthood. Wow…

Time really does fly.
I’m so proud of the woman
you’ve grown to become.

You’re more than my
sister. You are my friend. Thanks
for all of your help.

You have given me
wise counsel over the years.
Rock-solid advise.

Blessings be upon
you and your house. Triple play.
Mother. Sister. Friend.


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Debt I Could Never Repay

Posted by tpegonline on May 13, 2012

Here is for all of the mothers and like-a-mother types out there.

Thanks for all that you do!


“Debt I Could Never Repay”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

You have watched over me from ever since I can remember.

I am never hungry and a roof is always over my head.

My body and my clothes are always clean – except when I go to the park to play.

I go to a private school and as expensive as it is, you find extra money to buy me toys, games and take me on nice trips.

You continue to teach my right from wrong.

When I make bad choices, you correct me.

When I do good deeds, you applaud me.

When I’m feeling down, you encourage me.

When I start bragging too much, you remind me to be humble.

You are fair and just.

They say a child shall lead them, but in order for that to happen, the child must be raised properly.

You are a great role model for me to copy.

You work hard all day and every night you help me with my homework and give me a hot, filling meal before sending me off to bed.

I will work hard to honor all that you have done for me in the past, the things that you do for me in the present and all that you will do for me in the future.

I work hard in math class on how to calculate figures to determine how much I will owe you one day.

You told me that you will never charge me for your unconditional love because the best things in life are free.

Your love is a priceless treasure and my future looks bright because of all of the sacrifices you make for me each and every day.

There is no substitute for your love and it is a debt I could never repay.

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My Sweet, Darling Mother

Posted by tpegonline on May 13, 2012

This is a special Mothers Day poem for all of the mothers out there. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 2012!


“My Sweet, Darling Mother”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

I can never thank you enough for the nine months you carried me.

Through those nine months you had morning sickness and strange cravings.

You endured incredible discomfort and pain when you were in labor and when you gave birth to me.

You sacrificed so much for me. Material things, time freedom and perhaps even your girlish figure.

The unconditional love you gave me.

All of the diapers you changed. All of the tears you wiped.

I will always love and honor you.

You’re more valuable than all the rubies, jades, sapphires, emeralds, and every other precious gem in the world.

You are dearest to me and I love you like I love no other.

My first love, my sweet, darling mother.

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