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My Ebony Empress

Posted by tpegonline on February 4, 2013

This is a 21-part haiku chain poem dedicated to my African-American sisters.

“My Ebony Empress”

© 2013 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.


A daughter of the
Maafa. That most dreadful
great calamity.

The middle passage.
Some did not make it, but your
ancestors made it.

Brought to the shores of
North America to till
the soil in the heat.

Also to toil in
the cold. Through it all, you made
it. A Survivor.

Once treated like a
beast by the evil slave masters
in those days gone by.

Today, disrespected
by the boys that you hoped would
grow to become men.

Men of Honor. Men
of renown and standing. Men
who deserve respect.

“Where there’s no vision,
the people perish.” Proverbs


My vision is for
my dark and lovely sisters
to be respected.

This is a haiku
chain poem but check out it
rhymes. Let us begin.


Soft, supple dark skin.
A bodacious body that will
make you grunt and grin.

Big brown eyes that’ll
put you in a trance and make
you want to Just Dance.

Soft kisses that take
my breath away. Please, don’t walk
away. Baby, Please Stay

That silky, sexy
voice of yours gets me going
quick. Just like Music.

Enough to make a
grown man cry so Start Me Up.
Damn, Which Way is Up?

Full lips and hips. Built
like a Brickhouse. Ready for
a man not a mouse.

Love On Top. “You’re
the one I love.” I don’t want
it to ever stop.

My Insatiable
Lady Cab Driver. Sweet like
treats from Godiva.

Be it a southern
drawl or a northern accent,
I am Heaven Sent.


A midwestern brand
or a west coast twang, do what
you want – It’s Your

As long as my heart
beats in my chest, you’ll be my
ebony empress.


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