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The Finest Treasure That Nature Has Made

Posted by tpegonline on May 10, 2013




Happy Mothers Day 2013!I hope that you enjoy this poem and share it with all of the mothers you know and love.

“The Finest Treasure That Nature Has Made”

© 2013 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.
The first woman to tell a child to not worry and to do not be afraid.
The woman who works all day then cleans up after the kids like a maid.
The woman who watched over the children as they slept and played.

A woman who gives so much to children but never gets paid.
The woman who always protected her kids from the heat of life by providing shade.
You’re a true gem that one would never trade.

To know your love is as refreshing as a tall, cool glass of lemonade.
You’ll always be loved and are still greeted with child-like starry eyes by grown children whose hair has grayed.
I hope that you like the below picture called “Courage” by Thomas Kinkade.


The word courage comes to mind is because you make the grade.
She who always keeps it real while others live a masquerade.
As a mother, you’re surely the finest treasure that nature has made.


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