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I’m Still Alive and Kicking

Posted by tpegonline on July 21, 2014

coming attractions

Hey there, folks. I’ve been quiet for nearly two months now. All is well. I’ve been busy at work and tinkering with a few creative projects. One of them is a short story. It may actually evolve into a novel. It is a historical science fiction piece. The story is centered around the Bloody Kansas period of United States history (right before the U.S. Civil War). It has historical fiction with a sci-fi and twist.

Another project I’m working on is a self-protection and at-home fitness book for middle-aged men.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m well and cooking up some new stuff for you.

Be well and I’ll blog something soon.

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“30 Minutes in Hell” Workout

Posted by tpegonline on August 23, 2013

Hey, writing poetry is cool and is a passion of mine, but unfortunately, I can’t write my way to health and wellness.

If you want to be energetic and confident in whatever you do, make sure to exercise.

We are all busy but please carve out 30 minutes three times per week to workout.

I am not saying to do what I do because our goals and physical abilities probably differ.

Just do something. Sitting on the couch stuffing Twinkies in your face will not get make you healthier.

I did my “30 Minutes in Hell” today. Equipment used was one 35 lbs. dumbbell, one LifeLine USA yellow/heavy rubber resistance cable with stirrups and door anchor, and a towel. I’m going to do this routine twice per week using the ‘Escalating Density Principle’ where I will endeavor to do more work in the same 30 minutes each time out.

This took me 27 minutes to complete two sets of the below circuit. I took 20-second breaks when I needed to. That totals 100 reps of lifts/presses, 40 reps of ab exercises and 42 burpees. The burpees are a killer.

Here is what I did:

* One-arm (each arm) dumbbell swings

* 3 burpees

* One-arm (each arm) dumbbell snatches

* 3 burpees

* One-arm (each arm) dumbbell clean & jerks

* 3 burpees

* One-arm (each arm) cable press

* 3 burpees

* One-arm (each arm) tricep kickback

* 3 burpees

* Crunches

* 3 burpees

* Supine leg raise and scissors

* 3 burpees

I’m 43-years-old, I have arthritis and asthma but I refuse to make excuses.

How about you?

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