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Fire Under Ice

Posted by tpegonline on November 21, 2018

Below is the latest edition to my quadruple quandary series. They are based on trying to connect with a woman who is recovering from a broken heart.

For this group of poems I wrote a sonnet, a limerick, a triple rhyme, and a haiku.

Song titles are hyper-linked to their respective videos on YouTube.



“Fire Under Ice”
© 2018 Langston Shakesbro
All rights reserved.

Must have heard it all before, I suppose.
Words that tickle your ears yet crush your heart.
Once a Jersey girl, now a Texas rose.
Broken promises tore your soul apart.
Your soft brown eyes swirl with fear and with pain.
With romantic things you’ve become jaded,
All can be washed away with summer rain.
Clearing the clouds and darkness is faded.
I hope you can heal – not for me; for you.
A pretty face wearing a mask of hurt.
You got to exhale and not let things stew.
No emotions on the sleeves of your shirt.
Careful not to make the same mistake twice.
A fire rages beneath that cold, thick ice.


Being with you would be so nice.
You looked so good I had to look you over twice.
I know what I’m looking at because I’ve been around the block.
I’ve been on both sides so I do take stock.
A fire rages beneath that cold, thick ice!


Enjoying your soft lips and your tender embrace.
You’re a special type of lady so you are worth the chase.
I’m willing to run with you in either a slow or fast pace.

What happened before needs to stay in the past.
Not to be forgotten, but a shadow it should not cast.
Today is a new day so work on building something that can last.

Hustling in the streets doing boss-lady things.
Getting that paper and championship rings.
Enjoying the trimmings that financial success brings.

You need a man that has been there and done that.
That understands where you’ve been and won’t over-react.
Who honors your requests and can do it right and exact.

The world is a big pie and you’re gonna get your slice.
You need another clown like Uncle Ben needs more rice.
Girl, I can see the fire raging under that sheet of ice.


Passion wrapped in cool.
Lightning behind a curtain.
Fire under the ice.

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I Hope He Fails…So I Can Have You Back

Posted by tpegonline on September 21, 2016

I hope you enjoy this sonnet inspired by R&B singer, Joe and his latest single, “So I Can Have You Back.” A hyperlink to the YouTube video of this song appears at the end of the poem. Also, the painting below is called Piano Man II, by Justin Bua. Please support this artist’s work.

“I hope he fails…So I can have you back”
© 2016 Tyrone Turner
All rights reserved

As I think back on our relationship,
I admit that its failure was my fault.
I so thirst for you and long for a sip.
When I call you, you remind me to halt.

Time was a commodity I wasted.
I should have spent it with you more often.
This pill is the most bitter I’ve tasted.
The crushing pain in my heart won’t soften.
Is he that good to you? Man of your dreams?
A good listener with tender, sweet words?
Sometimes things aren’t as good as it seems.
I hear that you two are like two love birds.

Joe’s song helped me understand what I lack.
I hope he fails…so I can have you back.

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You Give Me a Feeling I Can’t Describe

Posted by tpegonline on September 9, 2016

Below is a sonnet that I wrote while on the train ride home last night.

I have a few song titles in this poem, so I’ve hyperlinked them to their respective YouTube videos for a multimedia experience.

I hope that you enjoy the poem.


“You Give Me a Feeling I Can’t Describe”
© 2016 Tyrone Turner
All rights reserved.

My wax wings melt as I fly to the sun.

Striving to earn unconditional love.

Your teary eyes make your mascara run.

I’ve been a war hawk, but you’ve been a dove.

Your soft touch and sweet words are soothing.

You raise me up. You make me feel brand new.

I thought to quit, but you kept me moving.

When we met, I knew not what would ensue.

You bring me joy beyond expectation.

Pride and pleasure to have you at my side.

Kissing you is such a sweet sensation.

No mountain too high, no river too wide.

You’re nice to look at and I dig your vibe.

You give me a feeling I can’t describe.

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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

Posted by tpegonline on June 4, 2016


I was so sad to hear that one of my childhood heroes, Muhammad Ali passed away yesterday after a long bout with Parkinson’s Disease. He is such a larger-than-life person. He was a phenomenal athlete, a brave man that stood by his convictions, and a generous humanitarian.
The below sonnet is a poetic tribute to him.
“Rumble young, man rumble! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

He so dazzled us in the boxing ring.

He also made the first amendment real.

Winning by knockout was his preferred thing.


An entertainer performing with zeal.

Courageous enough to let it all go.

Standing on principle over dollars.

Swimming upstream against the river’s flow.

Relating to common folk and scholars.

Strong and defiant before it was vogue.

Faith in his god and love for his people.

When others were passive he was a rogue.

 A man transformed who led men, not sheeple.

Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

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Something In the Water

Posted by tpegonline on January 12, 2015

Folks, I’m working on a new format of sharing my poetry. The working title for this format is called Quadruple Quandaries. I call it that because this format presents four poems with the same title and subject matter that will always be some sort of a predicament. The styles of the four poems will differ. They will be a sonnet, haiku chain, limerick chain and a triple rhyme.

As has been my custom here on my blog, song titles will be linked to their respective audio files on GrooveShark.com.

I hope that you like it.



“Something In the Water” [Sonnet]

© 2015 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.







Full disclosure is what I try to do.

I want to keep you informed, in the know.

I’m an open book because I love you.

Why You Treat Me So Bad? Let Your Love Flow.

Yes, we’ve had troubles and hurt each other.

Words do cut deep when tempers are flaring.

Let’s Keep On Movin’; no more Back and Forth.

Not For Long should our voices be blaring.

Kanye’s from the west, Kim’s roots from the east.

Their love made north, so why did ours go south?

You get so mad I want to call a priest.

When hot fire and venom spew from your mouth.

Should I keep quiet and act as if mute?

Something In the Water Does Not Compute.



“Something In the Water” [Haiku Chain]

© 2015 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.






Wow… the Sea of Love.

Best place for lovers to sail.

Serene, blue waters.

Could she Love me not?

The question I ask myself.

Staring into space.

I’m searching for her.

Have You Seen Her? Is she lost?

Will I find her soon?

I miss her big smile.

Longing for her dancing eyes.

Her sweet, sexy voice.

Ups and downs were had.

Now we are here. Can We Talk?

Let’s reason, sweetheart.

All This Love awaits.

The future cannot unfold.

Please let the past go.

I’m not your father.

You’re not your mother, okay?

But I’m me. You’re you.

You’re so defensive.

Dear, we both hurt each other.

Scars to show galore.

We have Crazy Love.

Yikes! When A Woman’s Fed Up

Come and Talk to Me.

LORD knows that I try.

Hot one day, then cold the next.

Hanging On a String.

In The Glow of Love.

We can drink and bathe in it.

Do you understand?

Perhaps its because

You Never Knew Love Like This.

Maybe I’m not clear.

I’m under water.

Swimming upstream towards you.

Do you hear my pleas?

Hmmm… Computer Blue.

‘Cuz Something in the Water

Does not compute.

“Something In the Water” [Limerick Chain]

© 2015 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.







They say all good things must end.

We just don’t now how, why, or when.

One must be prepared.

Even though they’ll be scared.

Who know what could have been?

That’s not a question I want to ask.

Here I am Baby, I’m not wearing a mask.

Ordinary People, but No Ordinary Love.

I’m sweet on you, my little dove.

If I have to keep fighting for us I’m up to the task.

But it takes two to tango.

A tomato is not nearly as sweet as a mango.

Living in the past makes one bitter.

And that will make them a sad critter.

I’ll chase you from here to Durango!

Peace be still and open your heart.

It Takes Two and I’m doing my part.

Please baby, Don’t Be Cruel.

Let’s practice the golden rule.

Focus on a brand new start.

I hope that my words are melodic like a flute.

I’m a man with Sensitivity and far from a brute.

I speak but you say nothing back.

Are you trying to give me a heart break attack?

Is it Something in the Water and do I need my wet suit?



“Something In the Water” [Triple Rhyme]

© 2015 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.






Your such a Distant Lover.

Baby Don’t Be That Way, ‘cuz I don’t want another.

Can I be your Girlfriend instead of your brother.

I think of you on Two Occasions.

Day and night, is the answer so you don’t have to figure out any equations.

I try to show you using different persuasions.

In my rankings I have your Love On Top.

I’m tilling the soil so I can yield a good crop.

When it comes to loving you, I Can’t Stop.

Open your eyes, your ears and your heart.

We’ve learned from the past so let’s restart

Perhaps a cruise to Granada or St. Bart’s.

I wear my best cologne, spit shine my shoes, and don my nicest suit.

Don’t you know I’d Rather Be With You over having Bill Gates’ loot?

I’ve been trying to show you, perhaps Something In the Water can nurture our love that is a precious fruit.

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