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Corporate Casanova

Corporate Casanova
By Tyrone Turner
Copyright 2012
All rights reserved.

Main Characters: Anwar Jabari O’Brien (aka, AJ O’Brien); Marisol Evangelista; Sharon Avery; Charmaine Forbes; Reginald Baker; and Akuba Annan.

Setting: Corporate HQ of Get It Done Placement Services, Inc.

Synopsis: AJ O’Brien is a young, handsome, successful Black corporate middle manager. He is supposed to be in a committed relationship, but he’s dirty mackin’. He’s a “lady killer.” He uses his position, influence and material possessions to woo women then he is off to the next one. Akuba Annan watches AJ from afar and decides to pay him a visit in his dreams then at his workplace. Akuba Annan shows him the error of his ways and forces him to look back at events from his past and how he is affecting ladies in the present. She also gives him a glimpse into the future. The future holds three possible outcomes, none of which are desirable to AJ…


“Man, last night was a helluva night!” says AJ aloud while he looks himself in the mirror knotting his beige Burberry tie.

Thinking to himself, “That chick was something else. I really rode that donkey! I know I need to stop messing with clients, but they are there for the taking so I might as well.”

He dons his navy blue Kasper sports jacket, grabs his lap top case and steps out the door with his highly polished black Kenneth Cole shoes into the mild Harlem late spring air.

AJ wears it well. He is 6’1”, a somewhat muscular 240 lbs., with a medium brown complexion. He eats it up that women call him a cuter version of Morris Chestnut.

As he walks away from his brownstone to hop on the 125th Street D and A train station, he stops at the corner store to pick up a cup of coffee and some gum when he bumps into Crash. Crash is the local all-purpose criminal who has watched AJ grow-up and watched his back to keep him out of trouble. Crash is buying a breakfast sandwich.

“What’s up, lil nigga?” asks, Crash.

“I’m good, Crash. What’s good with you? You’re up and about early this morning” replies AJ.

Walking out of the store with AJ, Crash says, “You know me, dawg. I’m just peeping these niggas game who been coming around pitching on my turf. You know what it is; I got those DVDs, CDs, nut crackers, cigarettes, TVs – all that shit, son. I got the hook-up.”

“No doubt. I feel you, Crash. Just don’t rush sell to the wrong cat,” says AJ.

“Oh please believe me, my dude. I am very selective with my clientele and Smith & Wesson, Glock, and Colt got my back,” Crash responds.

“Alright then, big dawg. Be easy and safe, okay?” says AJ.

“No doubt, my nigga. By the way, you should bring me one of those bad sistah’s like I see you running with. You a selfish-ass dude, homey.” Crash says winking.

Laughing, AJ says, “Hey, hey, hey! That was my girl, Charm, Crash.”

“I ain’t mean no disrespect, baby boy.” That is just the way I be talking.”

“You crazy, Crash. I’ll catch you later.”

AJ jumps onto the Manhattan-bound A train and gets off less than 15 minutes later at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue. He walks up to his office on the 29th floor and turns on his computer. Before he gets settled in, he gets a call from Rita, the receptionist, saying that Marisol Evangelista is waiting for him for a follow-up meeting.

AJ thinks to himself, “Shit! What the fuck is she doing here this morning? Yeah, we had an early dinner last week and a nice bang fest afterwards, but she is not supposed to come here – especially unannounced!”

“Okay, Rita. I’ll be right up to get her.”
He curses to himself the entire walk and to the elevator then he regains his composure.

“Well, I did hit it pretty hard and she is only a woman and another satisfied customer.”

He enters the reception area and sees the pecan tan vision of loveliness wrapped in gray skirt suit with black pumps. Marisol is a short package of sexiness. She only stands 5’4” but she is very, very well endowed. She measures in around 36-25-36 with shapely legs.

“Good morning, Mr. O’Brien,” she says in her heavy accented Dominican English.

“Right this way, please?” AJ asks.

They get on the elevator and as soon as the door closes and before he opens his mouth, she quickly reaches for his manhood.

“Chill, Marisol! There are cameras on these elevators!”

“Lo siento, papi chulo. Just give me what I came for and I’ll leave.” Marisol whispers devilishly.

“What did you come for, Marisol?”

“I came for some – what do you morenos call it. Ahh yes. I came for some morning wood.”

“Oh my! We can’t do that here and now. Are you crazy?”

“Si, papi. Crazy for you.”

Marisol was AJ’s pick to fill a temp position for a bilingual secretary slot at a small Lower Manhattan law firm. Marisol met with the HR contact and the attorney team last week and they really liked her. She will be covering for one of their secretaries who will be on maternity leave for two months.

They go into his office, he closes the door. The clock reads 9:07am. She takes off her skirt and pantyhose and starts to undo his belt. She caresses and licks the head of his throbbing manhood then puts a condom on it and says to him, “No time to play, AJ. I have to go to work. Just take care of this for me.”

She bends over his guest chair and invites him to penetrate her. He jumps out of his chair like a crazed maniac and penetrates her. He grooves her in circular motions and tells her to keep quiet. Based on last week’s episode, she’ll orgasm pretty quickly and he can get on with his day. Sure enough, within 4 minutes her body starts to convulse wildly and she nearly hits her head on the wall the chair is rest up against.

“Ay Dios mio! That was good, querido. I needed that to get the nervous energy out. I’ll be good now. I know that you’re busy, but make sure to see me at least once every two weeks, okay chulo?” she asks.

“Okay, Marisol. You got it.”

Marisol pulls out a wash cloth, a small towel and a little bottle of soapy water and starts to wipe AJ’s private areas down.

“I can’t have you stinking, AJ, and I can’t be going to my new gig smelling like sex.”

She then pulls out another wash cloth, and small towel to wipe herself down then sprays herself with some Sun-Ripened Raspberry scented body spray from Body Works.

“Okay, papi. I’ll email you later letting you know how my day at the new job went.”

“Marisol, we had a great night last night and fun just now, but you cannot pop up unannounced again, understood.”

“Okay, I just had to have it this morning but I’ll be a good girl from now on.”

He kisses her deeply one last time. She then reapplies her lipstick and pops a breath mint in her mouth and he escorts her to the elevator.

He looks at his Movado watch and he says to himself, Well, it is only 9:33am so she’ll get down to Wall Street in plenty of time for her 11:00am transition meeting with the secretary she’ll be covering for.


“Well, Mr. Haynes. Your résumé is impressive. We do have an opening at a Midtown Manhattan law firm that I think your litigation support background will work well with,” said AJ.

“Thank you very much, Mr. O’Brien. I appreciate any and all help,” says Joseph Haynes as he smiles with wide-eyed anticipation.

“So, we’ll get back to you by this time tomorrow, okay, Joe – is it okay for me to call you Joe?”

“Yes, sir, Mr. O’Brien. Joe is fine.”

“Okay then. Let me escort you the elevator.”

AJ walks Joe to the elevator then goes to the pantry to make himself a cup of coffee to get over his late afternoon crash. While he waits for his coffee to brew, he looks at his EVO phone to see that he has a message from Sharon.

“Ah, Sharon. So you want do dinner and drinks tonight – your treat, huh?” he says to himself smiling. “Well, she is pretty basic so we’re probably going to Dallas BBQ over here on 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue to have some wings and such. Well, she is good-looking with nice, juicy tits and sucks a mean one – especially after two or three drinks. I wonder why she always wants to do tequila shots when she knows she’ll get twisted, horny, and then go to sleep. Oh well, I got to give her what she wants.” Sharon is very petite red-bone girl (i.e. fair-skinned). She is only 5’1” and weighs about 120 lbs. soaking wet. She has a nice round, firm behind and perfect handfulls up top. Probably something like a 34B or so.

Later that evening…

“Why don’t you ever take me to your home, AJ? You always want to bring me to this motel. I feel like a cheap trick,” Sharon says.

“Nah, it’s not like that, baby. I’m just kind of private and I don’t really want my tenant in my business like that,” AJ replies. “Also, this spot is right in the middle of a busy area and it is best to hide in plain sight. How would a Brooklyn girl like you explain why she is hanging up in Harlem? Doesn’t your boyfriend’s family live up in Harlem?

“Well, you are right about that. Also, if I was any closer than we are now, they would’ve heard me screaming when I was riding you, huh?” Sharon says laughing.

“You know, Sharon, you’re a nasty little thing. Folks at that architectural firm have no idea how freaky their well-spoken office manager is. By the way, how is the job going? You’ve been there for about three months now, right?”
“Yeah, AJ. It is going well. Thank for placing me there. It is a good fit. Just like your dick.” She responds laughing.

“See what I mean? You are nasty girl. Anyway, Sharon, how is your man, Reggie-Reg doing with his job hunt?”

“Not too well, boo. He sold life insurance and did pension planning most of his life. Ever since he got caught up in the scandal and lost his license, he is a fish out of water. All he does now is work out and play video games. He doesn’t even come see me too much anymore. I mostly visit him. He is also very jealous and paranoid about what I’m doing all the time when I see him.”

“You are cheating on him, Sharon.” Smirks AJ.

Punching him playfully in the chest, “Just walk me over to this 2 train station so I can get up to the Bronx.”


“What a beautiful day I had,” AJ thought to himself while he jumped on the D train at 34th Street. When he was getting off the train at 125th Street, he felt someone staring at him. When he looked up, he saw a vision of loveliness just staring at him.

This sister was about 5’7” and as thick as hell. AJ being the master body measurement man decided that she was clocking in 36-28-43 and weighed about 160 lbs. She had a very heavy behind a chocolate brown complexion and had very neat, shoulder-length braided hair that she wore up.

“I would tear that ass up,” AJ said to himself.

No sooner than he thought that, the young lady got on her train and shouted, “No you won’t!” Then the doors closed and the lady turned around and mouthed the words, “See you soon, AJ.”

This shocked him – especially since no one else seemed to hear her scream and how she knew his name. Folks were just standing around frozen with a glazed-over look in their eyes. Once her train cleared the station, everyone seemed to snap back to normal.

“That is fucking strange!” AJ exclaimed to himself. “Maybe I’m working too hard. Or is it because I’m tricking too hard? I am juggling 3 women right now with others on the horizon.”


When he got home, AJ undressed and took another shower (just had one about an hour ago in the motel). He drifted off to sleep pretty quickly and had a dream that he was interviewing the beautiful young lady he saw at the 125th Street train station earlier in the evening.

“So, what concerns do you have about the assignment I just told you about?” he asked the lady.

She responded, “Well, it is not about the assignment. It is about you. You’re doing the wrong things to the women around you, AJ. You’ve had a long run, but things are about to end and they will end very, very badly.”

“What?!?!” he shouted as he sat up in bed from this dream.

“That was weird. I’m dreaming about that same girl from earlier tonight in the train station. Well, I better get my ass back to sleep. I have a long day tomorrow. We have that retirement party for Inga.”


“Yeah, Charmaine. You know I love you, girl,” says AJ while he slouches in his work chair.

“Well then, let’s go see that new play, Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed, this weekend. Just pick up the tickets, sweetie pie,” responds Charmaine in her melodic Jamaican accented voice.

Charmaine was a tall, slender dark skinned sister. She stands about 5’10” and has a very athletic build. She loves to work out.

“Alright then, baby. I’ll get the tix and we’ll go. I got to get back to work. I’ll call you later tonight – after the retirement party, okay baby-girl?”

“Okay, baby.” responds Charmaine. “Stay away from those fresh-ass girls. You know how they get when they start drinking.”

“No way, hon. I don’t mix business with pleasure – and more importantly, I only have eyes for you.” AJ says convincingly.

“Good answer, Yankee-boy,” says Charmaine. “Also, I would pour acid on your dick if you cheated on me.”

“Yeah, I know you would. Especially if one’s woman is a pharmacist like you,” answers AJ. “Anyway, smooches, yard-girl. I’m out.”

“Bye-bye, baby,” Charmaine responds.


“Whew! What a day!” AJ exclaimed while looking at the clock on his wall that read 4:06pm. “I have one more appointment for the day, and then I’ll relax and get ready to leave for the party.” Picking up his phone, he calls Rita, the receptionist, at the front desk.

“Rita, is my 4:15 appointment here yet?”

“Yes, she is, Mr. O’Brien. Ms. Annan has been here for about 5 minutes now.”

“Okay. You can send her in now. Thanks, Rita.”

“Very well, Mr. O’Brien. I will have her escorted to your office now.”

In about a minute or so, a vision of beauty walks into AJ’s office and when he saw her, he eyes widened and he dropped his pen. It was the lady he saw in the train station and dreamed about last night! She had a navy blue pinstripe skirt suit with a white blouse, white stockings, and highly-shined black pumps.

This dark chocolate work of art measured 36-27-43 with very shapely legs, a beautiful face with a cute mole beneath her left eye.

“Ooops! Sorry about the clumsiness, ladies. Perhaps I drank too much coffee today,” AJ said sheepishly.

“I always said that you drink too much coffee, Mr. O’Brien,” Rita remarked as she left his door way.

“Please have a seat, Ms. Annan.” said AJ as he closed the door behind Rita.

“Thank you, Mr. O’Brien.” said Akuba Annan in her husky, sexy voice.

“Thank you for coming in, Ms. Annan,” said AJ.

“Thank YOU for having me in, Mr. O’Brien,” remarked Akuba.

“This may sound a little odd, but it seems that I’ve seen you somewhere before, Ms. Annan,” said AJ.

“Who knows, Mr. O’Brien? This is a big city but it is quite small at times,” she answered.

“Very, very true,” replied AJ.

“Here on your application, there is a special highlighted handwritten note on top that says that you have some concerns. So, what concerns do you have about the assignment I just told you about?” he asked Akuba.

She responded, “Well, it is not about the assignment. It is about you. You’re doing the wrong things to the women around you, AJ. You’ve had a long run, but things are about to end and they will end very, very badly.”

“Oh my god! This is déjà vu! As a matter of fact, I did see you last night in the train station and I had a dream that you said these very same words to me last night as well!” exclaimed AJ.

“Ms. Annan, you’re kind of creeping me out right now. I don’ think that –“

“Hush!” Akuba shouted in a thunderous voice.
She stood up, started to turn around slowly and said to AJ, “Look at my body, AJ. Take it all in. Your lust for women and the way you play with their hearts is going to be your undoing.”

AJ was mesmerized by her beauty and in a stupor from her voice. She sat back down in the guest chair and said to him, “AJ, look into my eyes. My eyes will show you three possible outcomes concerning the three women with whom you are currently juggling.”

He feels dizzy then he suddenly sees multiple, high definition, 3-D scenes of him and Marisol hanging out, walking and talking, and having sex in various places – private rooms and public places. All of the sudden, he hears Marisol’s voice…

“Of course I’m sure and of course it’s yours, AJ! I’ve only been fucking you! How dare you ask me that! You’re a fucking asshole. Pendejo maricon!”

“Marisol, I don’t want a damn baby! We have to get rid of it!” barked AJ.

“Hell no! I am not having an abortion! We didn’t plan for this but here the baby is – so be it,” responded Marisol.

The scene changes and AJ is sitting in the office with his company’s operations officer, Darrell Harvey.

“Getting right down to business, Mr. O’Brien, you know that it is against company policy to fraternize with the individuals we place. On top of that, a young lady named Marisol Evengelista reports that she is pregnant with your child. Despite your wonderful track-record with our company, we are forced to terminate you employment with us due to the violations of our fraternization and ethics policies. We want you to gather your things and leave immediately.”

“Mr. Harvey, please don’t throw me out in the street like that!” AJ pleads.

“Sorry, Mr. O’Brien. As you know we’re looking to be acquired by McDaniel, Lee, & Gooding Media Group and they do not want any scandals. This is the way it has to be.”

A new scene flashes and AJ is sitting at home and it looks a little unkempt. His cell phone rings and it is Marisol.

“AJ, Manuel was diagnosed as autistic today. Also, his specialist says that they will try a new epilepsy medication because the new one is giving him diarrhea and making him throw-up a lot. I just thought that you’d like to know,” Marisol reports.

“What the fuck was that?!?!” AJ exclaims.

“That is what the future holds with Marisol, AJ,” replies Akuba.

“Are you some kind of a witch or something? Please leave me alone,” AJ pleads.

“Not yet, AJ. There is more to show you,” says Akuba.


The office suddenly goes dark and when it lights up again, AJ is walking down the street with Sharon after having a good time at their favorite motel.

“Sharon, what’s going on here?!?!” a voice from behind screams.

It is Sharon’s boyfriend, Reggie. Reggie is a monster. He is 6’4” and weighs around 330 lbs. He was a competitive power lifter in college and has kept up with keeping himself in great shape. He has a light brown complexion.

“Sweetie, what are you doing here?” asks Sharon in a shaky voice.

“I followed you and this nigga right here from your job and waited for you in my car. So you’re fucking him, huh?” Reggie screams angrily.

“Oh shit.” AJ whispers. “My man, let me tell you –“AJ is cut-off by a kick in the chest from Reggie. Reggie pulls out a black jack club and starts wailing away on AJ’s head and body.

“Stop it, Reggie! You’re going to kill him!” screams Sharon.

“Shut up, whore!” Reggie shouts as he back slaps Sharon. “You’ve been doing me dirty for who know how long slipping off to fuck this nigga, right? Well, let’s see if you want to fuck him again after I break his shit up.”

The scene changes and AJ is in a wheel chair in a doctor’s office with his mother, father, and elder sister, Sheba.

“Well, Mr. and Mrs. O’Brien, Anwar will be unable to walk again without assistance and even after numerous surgeries, we have been unable to repair his voice box so he will have to speak through this device for the rest of his days,” says the doctor.

The scene goes dark and AJ sees Akuba sitting across from him.

“Get the fuck out of my office, you voodoo bitch! What the hell are you doing to my mind!” screams AJ.

“I’m just giving you a glimpse into your future, AJ. You can change it if you change your ways. However, there is one more thing you need to see.


“Thanks for taking care of me, Charmaine. You’re the best lady that a man can have,” says AJ through sniffles and a cough.

“Well, that is what I’m here for, baby. I have to take care of my man,” says Charmaine with a devilish smile. “I’m going to take real good care of you, sweety. First let me give you another shot of antibiotic to help you feel better.”

“Can’t you get in trouble taking this stuff from the pharmacy, Charm?” asks AJ.

“Don’t worry about that, sweetie pie. I am the lead pharmacist so I am the one that handles inventory,” she replies.

She gives him a quick booster shot in his left shoulder.

“Ouch!” AJ says while grimacing.

After a few moments, AJ starts to feel very numb and realizes that he can’t move.
“Charmaine! I can’t move!” AJ screams.

“Shut-up!” Charmaine screams shoving a wash cloth in his mouth. “Of course you can’t move, AJ. I gave you a large dose of Succinylcholine. It is a muscle relaxer, darling boy,” Charmaine answers. “I know about how you have been screwing around on me, AJ.” It is a small world and technology allows people to snap quick pictures and shoot video from their phone. I have seen pictures and videos of you running around with some Spanish girl and this short dark-skinned girl. You remember what I told you what I would do if you cheated on me, right?” Charmaine asks.

She jumps us and then gets up and goes to her purse and pulls out a small bottle.

“This, my dear, is hydrochloric acid. It burns through flesh like a hot knife going through butter.”

She pulls down his underpants, fills the syringe and drops two drops on AJ’s private area.

The scene goes red …


AJ is sitting in his chair at his desk when his vision clears up and he sees Akuba sitting in front of him across his desk.

“Lady, I don’t know who you are, but please leave me alone. I don’t like what you’re doing to my mind. Please leave me alone,” AJ begs.

“I will AJ, but you have to change your ways,” Akuba says. “I’ll leave now, but remember, the three visions that you just had can be your reality unless you change your ways – NOW.”


“Rita, did that young lady leave yet?” AJ asks when she answers her phone.

“What young lady, Mr. O’Brien?” Rita inquires.

“The young lady you brought to my office a little while ago,” he replies in bewilderment.

“Mr. O’Brien, you’ve been working too hard. You really need a drink at Inga’s party tonight.” Rita says.

“Oh. Okay. See you there later tonight,” AJ replies – more confused than ever.


Later that night at Palermo’s Italian restaurant…

“Hello there. Your name is Anwar O’Brien, right?” asks a lovely blond with piercing gray eyes.

“Yes, that is me. Who are you, young lady?” asks AJ.

“My name is Nika. Inga is my aunt,” the young lady responds with slightly Russian-accent. “Thank you for coming to celebrate my aunt’s retirement. She thinks very highly of you. You know what, if you’re up to it, perhaps we can get together for drinks one day.”

“I’m flattered, Nika, but my girlfriend wouldn’t like that very much. As a matter of fact, I’m about to go meet her now,” AJ says.

“Oh. I see. Anyway, nice meeting you and thanks again for coming to my aunt’s party,” Nika says.

“Inga was one of the best office managers in the city, Nika. She will be missed,” replies AJ.

AJ bids farewell to everyone then he leaves the restaurant. When he gets outside, he calls Charmaine.

“Charmaine, I love you so much, girl. I want to see you. May I come over?” AJ asks.

“Sure, baby. You have a suits and shirts over here,” Charmaine says.

“Baby, daddy is coming home,” AJ says happily.

“He better be, Yankee-boy. If he was going anywhere else, I would burn his dick off with acid if I ever found out.”
“Charmaine, please stop saying that. I’m not going anywhere. It is just me and you,” AJ says.


Later that night at Palermo’s Italian restaurant…

“Hello there. Your name is Anwar O’Brien, right?” asks a lovely blonde with piercing gray eyes.

“Yes, that is me. Who are you, young lady?” asks AJ.

“My name is Nika. Inga is my aunt,” the young lady responds with a hint of a Russian-accent. “Thank you for coming to celebrate my aunt’s retirement. She thinks very highly of you. You know what, if you’re up to it, perhaps we can get together for drinks one day.”

“Well, I think that would be nice.” AJ says smiling looking Nika her up and down, taking note of her slender, athletic build. He likes what he sees. Nika is about 5’8” and has an athletic build. Her muscles are taut and she has a nice bumper for a White girl. “I don’t want to keep you away from the gym or anything. Are you sure that you can squeeze me into your busy schedule, Nika?”

“Well, I was a gymnast back in Ukraine when I was a child and I have taken up ballet and actually teach dance at a Midtown dance studio a couple of nights per week. Doing Pilates and such keeps me in pretty good shape,” Nika answers. “As far as squeezing you in, I think I can squeeze you into a lot of places.” Nika says while sipping her drink.

“Outstanding!” AJ says smiling.


“I’m going to call the car service to take my aunt home, AJ. Let’s go somewhere else to have a few drinks and talk a little more – before it gets too late. It’s Thursday night and you still have one more day of work to go,” Nika says.
“Sounds good to me,” says AJ. “It’s about 9 o’clock now and if I’m home by midnight, I’m good.”

“Don’t want to turn into a pumpkin, huh Cinderella?”


“This is a nice lounge, Nika,” AJ says taking in the ambience of the place.

He notices that there are a lot of biracial couples here – mostly Black men and White Women. They chit chat and do a few shots of Patron and share some passionate kisses. Around 10:30pm, they decide to leave.

“So where in Brooklyn do you live, Nika?” asks AJ.

“I live in Downtown Brooklyn,” Nika says.

“Well, let’s jump in a cab and I’ll escort you home. What kind of guy would I be if I just let you ride off all alone?” AJ asks.


When they get in the cab and are approaching the Brooklyn Bridge, Nika unzips his pants and starts giving him head. She keeps mumbling something in Russian and what he thinks is Ukrainian with English in between.

“I love your sweet, juicy cock, Anwar,” Nika moans softly.

“Hey, none of that in my car please!” the driver, Nuh Mustafa screams.

“Chill out and keep driving,” Nika says. “We’ll tip extra.”

“I promise not to spill anything in your car,” Anwar says.

“Believe me, I will not let him spill anything – it tastes so good!” Nika says laughing as she put her head back down into his lap.

“You Americans are really disrespectful people!” the driver, Nuh screams as he turns around to face them.

Just then, the SUV in front of the cab makes a short stop – the cab by a black BMW 325 that is swerving in and out of traffic crossing the bridge. The impact causes Nika to bite down on AJ’s penis putting a deep gash in the head of it. AJ’s face smashes into the partition of the cab really hard knocking him back into his seat. Another car hits the rear of the cab sending it swerving into the construction partition to the left. AJ is jolted to the left, his head breaks through the window and the glass cuts his jugular.

As the life force leaves AJ’s body he says, “Oh my GOD! I’m dying. Please GOD – help me.”

Just that moment, he sees Akuba in a Mini Cooper driving by in the opposite flow of traffic. Her car was blasting the words to Rihanna’s song, Take a Bow. You look so dumb right now…


3 Responses to “Corporate Casanova”

  1. gisclerc said

    Great story Tyrone! Hopefully karma isn’t so vicious for the cheaters out there. Keep the stories and poems flowing brother.

  2. demuzzled said

    Wow….love the intertwined stories and roads….

    • tpegonline said

      Thank you so much, demuzzled. I appreciate you taking the time to read the short story. Stay tuned, I’m working on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” where I introduce Kwaku – Akuba’s twin brother.

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