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Scheduled Rendezvous

This art piece is called To Us. The artist is Henry Battles.

Here is a short story my good friend, Haitian Fabio. He and I will be collaborating on future projects together. Keep your eyes and ears open for Haitian Fabio.

“Scheduled Rendezvous”
by Haitian Fabio

The month was finally over. Shelly was driving home to see her husband after a grueling two weeks of management training at their facility in DC. It was the first time they had been apart for so long since they’ve been married five years ago. There were weeks when she was away for up to a week when she was called to help at some struggling branch. During those days she would text Jeff or call him during breaks and at night before they went to bed.

She still gets hot and bothered that one time two years ago when they chatted and she used her laptop. With their webcams they were able to talk to each and see each other. She was so surprised when he turned on some music and began stripping for her. He had never done that before. She had dated a few guys before Jeff came along, and by far he was the most romantic guy she had ever been with. She felt lucky to be married to him. They have always had a passionate relationship, even before they married. And she always wondered if that passion would die down afterwards. So far things seem to be holding strong. She had long ago stopped sharing stories with her girlfriends. She got the feeling that their husbands and boyfriends didn’t do half the things her man did and felt she was bragging.

So as the training program let out she almost raced out of the building. She could have caught a plane back to NY but when she saw how late the flights were leaving that Friday, she decided to rent a car and drive back. “Nothing’s gonna keep me from getting back to my man,” she thought as she speed down the expressway doing 90. Just as she was about to change the channel on the radio her cell phone rang. From the ring selection she knew it was Jeff calling. Reaching up with her right hand she hit the “answer call” button on her hands-free device in her ear.

“Hey Sugar Lips. How’s it going?” said Jeff adding extra sexiness to his voice.

“Already on the way. Think you’ll be up by the time I get there?” said Shelly.

“Why not? I’ve never had a problem keeping it up before.”
“Ha ha ha. I know that’s right. We’ll just have to see how long you can go. The night before I left I was worried you wouldn’t be able to keep up with me.”

“So you have the jokes now.” he said, chuckling through the phone.
“Well its been a couple of weeks. I’ll have to see If I notice anything different.”

“There’ll be a few different things. I’ve have plenty of time to think about interesting ways to make you moan my name.”

“WHATEVER!” She shouted in between laughing.

“So what time should I expect you? I hope you’re not driving too fast. I know how impatient you can be behind the wheel.”

“I’m keeping my speed down, but let’s just say If you started making some lasagna I’d be home right about the time you pulled it out the oven.”

“Is that a hint? Don’t worry, along with dinner I’ve got everything set for your return.” said Jeff in a mischievous tone.

“Hmm. I don’t know whether to be excited or scared. Since I’m excited already I think I’ll stay that way. Speaking of which we’re gonna have to have a LONG talk about you sending me naughty pics and text when I’m away. You know I can’t hide it when I’m turned on. Got people asking me If I’m OK all day cause my face is all flushed. You lucky I miss you…”

He was laughing so hard it took him a couple minutes to calm down.
“I’m— I’m sorry” he stammered. Well you could have said something.
“Well it was the best part of my days there. I hope I don’t have to go through one of those things for a long, long time.”

“Amen to that. Well let me let you get back to driving. I still have a few preparations to make. And If I’m right you’ll be here sooner than you’re saying. Drive safe and I’ll see you in a few. Let me know if there’s any traffic or anything.”

“Sure thing. Just hold tight, mamma’s on the way!”

“You got it. And honey.”


“Please keep your speed down.”

“I will. See you soon.”

Running from the kitchen to the bedroom Jeff wanted to make sure that everything was just perfect for Shelly’s return. Mentally he checked off everything that he needed. “She’s going to be SO impressed to see how I show her how much I missed her.”

As he was about to head back into the kitchen the doorbell rings. “Wow! She’s here already!” said Jeff out loud walking quickly to the door.

“Hey Honey!” he says as he pulls open the door to greet his wife.
“I’m HOMMMMMEEEE!!!!” said Shelly with a big grin on her face. She drops her bags and almost jumps into Jeff’s arms. They kiss passionately for about two minutes, enjoying being in each other’s arms.

“Why don’t you let me get your bags for you Honey, the food should be ready in a few minutes.” He says as he bends down to grab her luggage. Following her into the house he places her bags by the bedroom closet.
“Smells like pasta. Did you really make lasagna?” asks Shelly as comes out of the bathroom.

“Sure did.” he says as with an accomplished grin on his face. “Now while it cools a bit why don’t you come over here and let me show you just how much I missed you.”

“That can definitely be arranged. I’ve been dying to see what surprise you’ve put together.”

“Well let’s go and see.” says Jeff picking his wife off her feet causing a slight scream to escape from her lips. Heading towards the bedroom he kicks the door with his right foot so they can enter.
“Why is it so dark? I hope this isn’t any S&M. I like using my hands.” says Shelly with a hint attitude in her voice.

“Don’t worry baby, I guarantee that you’ll be happy with what I have planned.

Reaching the bed he places his wife down so that she’s sitting at the foot of the bed. When he reaches the nightstand on the right side of the bed he turns on the lamp that emits a reddish glow.

“Hmmmm, looks like you’ve been a little busy.” says Shelly clasping her hands together to contain her building excitement.

Reaching for the remote on the nightstand, Jeff turns on the stereo. To her surprise not only does music begin to play from the speakers on the wall, but on the far wall in front of her she sees a projection of images coming from a device suspended from the ceiling.

“How the he…” she started saying when Jeff placed his finger over her lips.
“We can get into that later. Right now let’s get you out of those clothes.” Grabbing her hands, he pulls her into a standing position. Kissing her softly first on the lips and then along her neck, he begins to unbutton her blouse. They embrace and continue to disrobe each other as their kisses become more and more intense. With Boys 2 Men’s “I’ll Make Love to You” playing on the stereo more and more images play over the wall.

As Jeff helps Shelly get out of her slacks she realizes that the images on the wall are not just random, but that they are photos of them that Jeff has made into a slideshow. Images of them together from various times and events holding hands, kissing, dancing, on the beach and many others.

“This is amazing! How did you..” she stammered as he guided her to the bed.

“As I said, I missed you, and I wanted to do something special for you. So come over here and let me take care of you.”
Guiding her to the center of the bed he says, “I want you to kneel so that you’re facing the images.”

“Uhmm OK. You said no S&M right?”

“Just trust me.” says Jeff placing himself behind her and starting to kiss and caress her neck and shoulders. She moans as he nibbles on her neck, his hands making their way up from her stomach and cupping her breasts. Moving down her back and he places moist kisses on her firm round butt.

She strains to continue viewing the images of their past activities as she continues to get pleasured by her husband. Images of their vacation to Puerto Rico flash across the wall. The two of them on the beach, lying on the sand during sunset, she burying him up to his chest, him carrying her into the sea…

Feeling his lips kissing her thighs, she couldn’t help but looked down and see what he was doing. Lying down behind her he rested on his back with his head between her legs. Continuing to kiss her thighs, he inched closer and closer to her most private of places.

As images of their wedding and honeymoon played on the wall he kissed and licked her pleasure center. Swooning from the ecstasy, she almost lowered herself on him. But Jeff reached up and cupped her buttocks in his large hands holding her up so he could continue pleasuring her. Even with the music turned up to a high volume, he could hear the moans escaping from her parted lips. Caressing her buttocks, he moved his hands over her cheeks and to the small of her back at the same time keeping her positioned above him. Her juices flowed freely as his parted her lips and inserted his tongue inside her causing her body to shiver as waves of pleasure flowed over her.

Image after image of them locked in various embraces and kisses flashed before her as a powerful orgasm exploded through her body. When she finally stopped shaking she was leaning back with her hands on the bed and her head tilted towards the ceiling breathing heavily.
“How you like me now?” said Jeff as he helps her ease her legs forward so she could lie down on the bed and compose herself.

“That was simply amazing.” she said, still trying to regain control of her breathing.

Moving off the bed, Jeff pulls her legs up so she can get under the covers and pulls the sheets over her body. “Just relax for a minute and I’ll be right back.”

“Now that’s how you welcome someone back home!” thought Shelly getting comfortable in the bed.

Opening the door to the bedroom, Jeff walks in with a large tray in his arms. “I bet you have quite an appetite after that long drive and all that moaning you just did.” he says with a grin on his face.
Sitting up against the pillows and the headboard Shelly looks at the food he placed in front of her. The tray was full. There was a nice salad, some lasagna, and a big glass of red wine. “This is simply wonderful!” says Shelly with joyous tears threatening to flow down her face.

“Go ahead and start eating. I’ll be right back with some food for myself and we can look at the slideshow one more time.”

And so the lovely couple rekindled their bond, feeding each other, sharing kisses and reminiscing over romantic images of themselves.


Check out Haitian Fabio’s blog at haitianfabio.blogspot.com to keep abreast of his upcoming projects.


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