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Benevolence, Body, Brains and Big Bucks

Posted by tpegonline on November 2, 2014

It has been a while but I assure you that I have been hard at work doing meaningful, constructive things.

Okay, back to business…

This sonnet was inspired by black women who are kind, bodacious, intelligent and earn above average incomes.

They have what I call the “4 B’s”: Benevolence; body; brains; and big bucks.

Pictured below is the lovely face of a 24-year-old beauty from Zimbabwe named Lilian Ndlovu.

Movie titles and song titles are hyper-linked to their respective summary pages or audio files on IMDb.com or GrooveShark.com.

I hope that you enjoy this poem.


“Benevolence, Body, Brains and Big Bucks”

© 2014 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.


You are generous, loving and gentle.

Oftentimes putting other people first

So compassionate and sentimental.

Giving others refreshment when they thirst.

Your beautiful face and curvaceous frame;

Causing men to lust and desire a taste.

Wisdom beyond your years; worthy of fame.

Calculating; knowing that haste makes waste.

You’re a Million Dollar Baby, sweetheart.

Strong earning from your job and your assets.

You got a Serious Hold on Me that won’t depart.

Jack Nicholson style — As Good As It Gets.

You Got It. The day we met was a crux.

Benevolence, body, brains and big bucks.


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Scrumptious Trini Treat

Posted by tpegonline on November 27, 2012

This poem is for the ladies from Trinidad.

This poem is part of my Caribbean Queens Series.

This poem is a series of 29 haiku poems that are strung together in a series to tell a story. I call this style that I created a haiku chain poem. According to Dictionary.com, a haiku is a major form of Japanese verse, written in 17 syllables divided into 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, and employing highly evocative allusions and comparisons, often on the subject of nature or one of the seasons; or a poem written in this form.

All of my poems have the title of the poem in the last line of the poem. Also, song titles have been hyperlinked to their respective audio files on GrooveShark.com.


“Scrumptious Trini Treat”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved

I remember when
we first met. That was about
13 years ago.

It was so funny
how we met. I was buying
an EPT kit.

It was for my boy,
Troy, but you were on line in
front of me, smiling.

I said, “Hello.” You
said, “Best of luck to you and
to your lady friend.”

I said, “Oh – this is not
for me. It is for my friend –
for his lady friend.”

You asked, “So do you
have a wife or a girlfriend?”
I shook my head “no.”

With that melodic
accent of yours, you giggled,
“Hey, I just met you.

This is crazy. But
here’s my number, so Call Me
.” That killed me!

I laughed so dang hard.
Well, I gave you my number
and here we are now.

We made a deal to
Live It Up and stay in a
Ghetto Heaven mode.

Our families get
along well. Southern Soul meets
Trini Soca Charm.

Your younger sisters
are named Jean & Dinah. They
will be fine like you.

Last Night Changed It All.
I really had a ball. Me
and my wife, chilling.

Dinner was great! We
had macaroni pie, ox
tails and callaloo.

We washed our food down
with some sorrel. For dessert
we had sugar cake.

Then you did it, girl.
Cabernet sauvignon is
what we toasted with.

“To Us,” was our toast.
Two beautiful children, a
fine home and nice cars.

Truly blessed and favored.
“Be Thankful For What You Got”
is how we were raised.

Girl, I Want You now.
I’m in the mood. I hope you’re
Feeling Hot Hot Hot.

Kissing You is what
I want to do to you, girl.
Please, mother may I?

You said, “Boy, if you
rub mih back, mih go rub yuh
That’s a plan!

Don’t Be Afraid of
me. I am not a Monster.
I am your husband.

You’re Forever Mine
and I am Forever Yours.
Let’s Stay Together.

I’m love drunk off of
you like you’re a big bottle
of strong punch with cream.

I want you to be
happy. In mind, body and
soul. I Adore you.

Is It Good to You?
Just tell me what you want and
I’ll do it for you.

Our love-making is
always good and can never
get old. Truth I speak.

It is better when
the kids aren’t home. We can
freak out like Le Freak.

Finger-lickin’ while
slow lovin’ and rubbin’ my
Scrumptious Trini Treat.

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