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When You Can’t Be With the One That You Love

Posted by tpegonline on January 24, 2015

Here is the third edition of the Quadruple Quandaries series. I call it that because this format presents four poems with the same title and subject matter that will always be some sort of a predicament. The styles of the four poems will differ. They will be a sonnet, haiku chain, limerick chain and a triple rhyme.

As has been my custom here on my blog, song titles will be linked to their respective audio files on GrooveShark.com. Movie titles are linked to their respective pages on. Film titles are linked to their summary pages on IMDb.com.

I hope that you enjoy this installment.



When You Can’t Be With the One That You Love [Sonnet]
© 2015 Tyrone Turner
All rights reserved.


I watch you from afar as I live life.

You are with another just as I am.

Sometimes I contemplate causing some strife.

Caution to the winds not giving a damn.

Is It a Crime to feel the way I do?

Yeah, I love and care for the one I’m with.

But when with them I often think of you.

Playing some sad songs sipping on a fifth.

Hmmm… Is it cheating or cheating oneself?

To tell that person how you really feel?

Bemoaning isn’t good for mental health.

To catch a fish just cast your rod and reel.

Pain from terra firma to sky above.

When you can’t be with the one that you love.


When You Can’t Be With the One You Love [Haiku Chain]
© 2015 Tyrone Turner
All rights reserved.

The love that I lost.

We had a good thing, baby.

Laughter and passion.

There were ups and downs.

Cheer and gloom. Joy and Pain.

All helped me to grow.


I have a question:

Hey, Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

I’d like to go there.

I need to get there.

To repair what was broken.

Your heart is My Heart.

The two hearts are scarred.

Who’s Gonna Save My Soul Now?

The question I ask.

My heart is broken.

But it still has love for you.

Can’t love another.

Frankie Beverly.

Just Can’t Get Over You.

I’m stuck in a Maze.

You are difficult.

Sensitive. Moody. Leery.

Never a dull time.

Love and Happiness.

That is all I really want.

Real Love. Extreme Joy.

I have a great friend.

They are faithful and true blue.

Yes, I do love them.

But there’s a problem.

That I Do Really Love You.

What a quandary!

What is one to do?

Cant be with the one you love?

Love The One You’re With.


When You Can’t Be With the One You Love [Limerick Chain]
© 2015 Tyrone Turner
All rights reserved.

Why can’t one have their cake and eat it too?

Love sometimes make you sick like the flu.

Love is a Losing Game.

I’ll Never Be the Same.

I Used to Love U.

To be honest, still I Feel for You.

Even though you turned my brown eyes blue.

There were more good times than bad.

You are the Best I Ever Had.

All the things that you can do!



Why do I love you when it is so hard and hurts so much?

We fuss and fight, scream and cuss, and carry on and such.

Maybe I’m just Addicted to You.

I don’t know and don’t have a clue.

I Can’t Stop Loving You and I Miss You Much.

But I’m now with another and faithful I must be.

I have shed enough tears to create a new sea.

Does it make any sense to Hold On?

Should I follow my heart and be gone?

You’re my other half and Another Part of Me.

When we were together, our quiet town was an Erotic City.

Us Against the World and on enemies we had no pity.

Ride or Die Chick like Eve.

A Ruffneck with a blade up his sleeve.

We lived The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

You asked, Let Me Blow Your Mind?”

Over the years you did and I returned the favor in kind.

But now we’re not together and you’re with another.

Feels like I can’t breathe as but thoughts of you I can’t smother.

This fact indeed I do unashamedly opine.

It seemed that at one time were like a hand and glove.

An Earth Angel sent from the heavens above.

Never to be truly happy and at peace because You Belong to Me.

But unfortunately, this is how things will forever be.

When you can’t be with the one you love.


When You Can’t Be With the One You Love [Triple Rhyme]
© 2015 Tyrone Turner
All rights reserved.

What’s Love Got to Do With It? A question that people often ask.

It can be hard on the heart and doing so can be an arduous task.

Sometimes its a circus and Tears of a Clown hide behind my mask.

Faking the funk by pretending I’m happy with the one I’m with.

The weight of it is a ton and not Seven Pounds like that movie with Will Smith.

Has me curled up in pain like I had a second brith.



It pains me that you’re with them and not with me.

I always put on a fake smile when you’re around because I don’t like what I see.

I don’t want you to be sad, neither do I want you to be filled with glee.

In someone else’s arms I see you enwrapped.

I’m in a relationship I don’t really want so I feel trapped.

When I see them kiss you I feels as if my first just got slapped.

I really shouldn’t feel the way that I do.

But my predicament is a lot to chew.

Why must I wait in the happiness queue?

Was it better to have loved and had lost to have never loved at all?

Who ever said that had a lot of gall.

Instead of larger than life, I feel empty and quite small.

An indescribable pain; the worst that you can think of.

Feels like molten lava from below, fire and brimstone from above.

When you can’t be with the one you love.


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