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You Give Me a Feeling I Can’t Describe

Posted by tpegonline on September 9, 2016

Below is a sonnet that I wrote while on the train ride home last night.

I have a few song titles in this poem, so I’ve hyperlinked them to their respective YouTube videos for a multimedia experience.

I hope that you enjoy the poem.


“You Give Me a Feeling I Can’t Describe”
© 2016 Tyrone Turner
All rights reserved.

My wax wings melt as I fly to the sun.

Striving to earn unconditional love.

Your teary eyes make your mascara run.

I’ve been a war hawk, but you’ve been a dove.

Your soft touch and sweet words are soothing.

You raise me up. You make me feel brand new.

I thought to quit, but you kept me moving.

When we met, I knew not what would ensue.

You bring me joy beyond expectation.

Pride and pleasure to have you at my side.

Kissing you is such a sweet sensation.

No mountain too high, no river too wide.

You’re nice to look at and I dig your vibe.

You give me a feeling I can’t describe.

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Hot Haitian Honey

Posted by tpegonline on October 22, 2012

This 18-part haiku chain poem is dedicated to all of the lovely ladies from Haiti.

Song titles are hyperlinked to their respective audio files on GrooveShark.com.

I hope that you all like the poem.

“Hot Haitian Honey”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

Your sweet whispers are
some times in Kreyol, other
times French or English.

You have taught me some
of your nation’s history.
Once called San Domingue.

Sugar was a precious,
high-demand commodity.
Europe had a sweet tooth.

They also liked rum
“Á votre santé!” That’s French.
It means “To your health.”

Saint Domingue was the
crown jewel of France. Richest
land in the New World.

Kidnapped Africans
Were made slaves to sow and reap
in hot, humid fields.

Dutty Boukman and
Toussaint L’Ouverture grew
weary of all the crap.

They kicked out the French.
The second New World country
to free Europe’s yoke.

Blacks and Mulattoes
united to make it so.
The flag is blue and red.

Blue is for the Blacks.
Red for Mulattoes. On top,
liberty cap and palmette.

Beneath a trophy
inscribed with “In Union
There is Strengh” [L’Union Fait la Force] – in French. Words so true.

Such strong stock you come
from! Serving Riz National
and Tassot tonight?

What’s for dessert, love –
besides you? Blanc Manger! One
of my favorites!

Perhaps I’ll feed you
from my serving. I’ll smudge it
on your face, my dear.

Worry not, I’ll lick
it off. I won’t leave a speck
of coconut flanc.

I love you so! You
treat me so well, and curl my
toes. Mercy! Good Love.

My One And Only, and my Sweetest Taboo. You
Bring Me Joy
, Sweet Thing.

I have a pet name
for you. You’re my “Triple H”
Haitian Hot Honey.

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