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The Flutter of Butterfly Wings

Posted by tpegonline on March 22, 2011

The Flutter of Butterfly Wings
by Tyrone Turner
Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.


What goes around always comes back around is a widely-known cliché.

So when that boomerang you threw hits you in the heart there is nothing you can say.

In Las Vegas, new suckers are born every hour who give their winnings back to the house.

They appear to be unstoppable and on fire, but eventually the cat will catch the mouse.

When you have a good thing going at home, baby don’t change it.

One careless whisper or a reason to suspect you’re doing dirt can rearrange it.

The words of your secret lover sound so sweet in your ears.

But if what you’re hiding gets found out you’ll realize some of your worst fears.

Maybe you’ll get a big disease with a little name, or perhaps you’ll face an unexpected baby on the way.

Those two scenarios will turn anyone’s jet-black hair silver-gray.

What about if you’re exposed on Facebook?


That wouldn’t be a good look.

Not for your family or your career.

Stay out of trouble. Stand back and steer clear.

Poof! Up in smoke!

There go your dreams, buddy. Now you’re a has-been.

Like Humpty Dumpty, all the kings horses and all the kings men can’t put your life back together again.

Fellas, it always starts off slow and seemingly harmless at first.

All you want is a little something-something – a sip once in a while to quench your thirst.

You loved it when she passionately screamed out your name or called you Big Poppa. Those are two names you just loved to hear.

Roll the dice one times to many and things accelerate quickly. Like a formula one racing car going from first to sixth gear.

When you open Pandora’s box you let out all sort of things.

But you will not hear it or see it coming. Sort of like the flutter of butterfly wings.


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