Turning Point Entertainment Group Online

"Helping independent artists connect the dots"

About TPEG

Turning Point Entertainment Group (TPEG) was founded by Tyrone Turner in November 2010.


TPEG is going to be known as an incubator of sorts as we’re providing a platform for talent to get real-world experience and hopefully get noticed.


To bring up-and-coming, undiscovered talents together. First and foremost to have fun, and secondly to independent artist together for possible synergies and collaborative projects. The independent artists we’re looking to partner with are poets, models, actors, videographers, film editors, photographers, voice-over artists, sketch artists, comedians, rappers, and singers.


We are looking to work with primarily NYC-based up-and-coming, undiscovered, independent artists.

We’re looking to work with poets, singers, models, sketch artists, voice over artists, actors, comedians, photographers, short story writers, musicians, and videographers, and video editors.


We will be having social mixers for the sake of fun and to encourage project collaboration and “group think” among independent artists.

Join our Meetup group by CLICKING HERE.

Tyrone Turner
t: 646.470.3708
e: ty@tpegonline.com


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