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Rising Suns

Posted by tpegonline on November 9, 2011

My world is part of a binary star system.

I say binary because two beautiful boys are the lights of my life. My two sons.

I want all that I accomplish to pale in comparison to what they will accomplish.

It is my greatest hope that they work together as brothers to do right by their people, their community, their country, the world, and the ALMIGHTY.

Working together, they can build a great kingdom as large and as prosperous as the unified Roman Empire – Rome and Byzantium.

May the GOD of Grandfather Abraham greatly expand their territories and give them the unshakable faith of Job, the warrior spirit of David, and the wisdom of Solomon.

When things seem lost and gloomy, please have them light the world with their shining examples of what it mean to be an honorable man and model humanist.

The two chosen ones – the rising sons.

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